Theme : Tropical Neurology in India- environment is the key.
Venue : Conference hall, Superspecialty block/Auditorium, JIPMER, Pondicherry.
Date : 27th and 28th March, 2010 (Saturday and Sunday )

27.3.2010 (Saturday)

Tropical Neurology: Infections

Seminar I: Viral Encephalitis in India
  • Viral encephalitis: Introduction, vector, viruses, imaging, serology
  • Viral Encephalitis in adults: The North Indian Scenario
  • Epidemic viral Encephalitis in Children
  • Viral Encephalitis: Intensive care is rewarding

Seminar II: Neurocysticercosis in India
  • Clinical classification & imaging of cysticercosis in Indian context
  • Parasitology and microbiological tests
  • Therapy for different forms of Neurocysticercosis

Tropical Neurology: Nonifections
  • Malnuturition in Asia and its neurological consequences
  • Neuroflurosis
  • Organophosphorus poisoning
  • Craniovertebral junction anomalies in India
  • Tropical neuro psychiatry - trans cultural trends in India

Inaguration, Key Note Address, Cultural event and Dinner

28.3.2010 (Sunday)

Tropical Neurology: Noninfections
  • Cortical venous sinus thrombosis-Indian Scenario
  • Motor Neuron diseases in India
  • Multiple Sclerosis in India
  • Unique epileptic syndromes in India
  • Snake envenomation
  • Common neurogenetic syndromes in India
Tropical Neurology: Infections
  • Cerebral Malaria
  • CNS in HIV infection- Indian scenario
  • Subacute Sclerosing Encephalitis
  • Emerging rarer CNS infections

Tropical Neurology Quiz Program