Projects we would like to take up

The SatChetana Trust is currently raising money for the following projects in India. If you would like to contribute towards any of these projects, please contact us.

  1. Support Center

    At present we conduct our support center activities in a rent free government building. We have permission to use the premises only during evening hours. We would like to extend the scope of our support center by including activities during regular or day hours as well. For this we would need to move our center to a private building on rent basis. Thus, this is an area where funding is important.

    Additionally, we would like to open a full time support center in Uttarakhand as well.

  2. Model primary school

    Primary education being the largest sub-sector of the education system, offers the unique opportunity to educate and transform young India. While the enrollment in primary schools in India has increased in absolute terms, about half of the total children of India do not attend school. Amongst children who do initially enroll in school, a substantial portion drop out and often give up their pursuit altogether without achieving permanently literate and numerate status. Therefore primary education continues to be a priority. In India the quality of education remains a major concern. Most schools are mismanaged and ill-equipped. For example in the state of Uttarakhand, according to a recent survey, almost 20% of elementary schools are single-teacher schools. Almost 20 % of the schools have no drinking water and no toilets at all. Almost 50% of the schools have no separate toilet for boys and girls.

    Our solution to the problem is to construct and build a model primary school for under-privileged children in rural Uttarakhand. The school would provide high-quality, creativity-based inspiring education useful and relevant to the child’s current and future context. It will also forge linkages with the existing schools to render its facilities accessible to as many as possible.

  3. Mobile Science Labs and libraries for rural Uttarakhand

    India's rural communities which constitute the country’s largest population have been left behind in the wake of high growth in the cities. Schools and colleges in rural mountains (as anywhere in the villages of India) are poorly equipped and science is being taught mostly through theoretical class room lectures with hardly any practical/applied input. To help address this issue, SatChetana plans to conduct Mobile Science Labs (equipped with simple yet modern technology and V Sat), elearning, and library programs in isolated rural schools in Uttarakhand. The program will bring education to the doorsteps of disadvantaged children.

  4. Educational networking in rural schools of Uttarakhand

    Access to education remains one of the greatest challenges in rural areas. Either services simply do not exist, or children have to travel tremendous distances to attend schools, which are tragically ill-managed. One of the main problems with the schools in rural areas is teachers with little or no formal training. We would like to identify such schools and forge linkages with those somewhat more privileged and set up nodes to emerge as mini centres for professional development (student centric skills including computers, elearning, preparation of course material, teachers training, curricula development etc). These centres will provide a viable platform rendering learning an interactive enjoyable experience with an emphasis on personality development and career orientation.

  5. Health care and nutrition in Uttarakhand

    Health care and diagnostic facilities are extremely poor, conspicuous by lack of skilled manpower in mountains, and people have to travel long distances for medical attention and tests.

    To meet this issue we would like to organize health check-up camps in association with the state health directorate/medics and paramedics to bring modern diagnostic tests, hitherto severely lacking, in rural interior (often 4-18 km walking distance from roadheads) through on-the-spot basic blood/urine/sputum tests issuing Health cards.

    Some of our team members have already been involved in this activity and have the distinction of bringing sophisticated immunoassay technology for diagnostic purposes to rural population for the first time in the country.

  6. Yoga and health

    "SatChetana" refers to the true core of human consciousness. This soulful center in our view is the genuine leader of the march of the human life. To unite the developing human mind, body, life force, and emotions around the reality of its soul is the soundest education. Therefore, another of our objectives is to offer spiritual, yoga, and health facilities sufficient to encourage this integration of our human capacities into a harmonized being, whole in self and well-suited to society.