Who we are

SatChetana Integral Education (SIET) Trust is a registered non-governmental, non-religious and non-profitable social welfare organization dedicated to change in India by focusing on basic quality education in the belief that education is a critical requisite for socio-economic change. We are an equal opportunities organization and believe in an inclusive society.

Our Mission

The mandate of this organization is to sincerely provide underprivileged children with a nurturing and stimulating educational environment so that they can grow to be dignified and responsible citizens of India. SatChetana aims to create an environment where education is realized in its truest meaning: as a journey to discover and learn the world around, and most significantly, the world of strengths and talents within. We take an integrated, organic approach to education that spans basic literacy, analytical and emotional skills, physical well being, and vocational training.

Our philosophy-why we are different

SatChetana, which in Sanskrit means true consciousness, plans an educational approach that although inclusive of conventional teaching, takes learning beyond the realm of convention. Prevailing educational norms tend to simply “furnish” information to the child, contributing to the development of the intellect, but de-emphasizing the physical, ethical, and aesthetic faculties. An education that ignores the composite nature of the individual produces, and has been producing, students who may be educated, yet are in disharmony with self and society. At SatChetana, our approach is distinctively and profoundly integrative, i.e. it focuses upon all interlinked aspects of learning and development, treating these as an organic whole. In the belief that education should move beyond the realm of mere information, we employ various techniques to stimulate perception, imagination, and concentration, thereby honing reasoning and judgment, enabling the child to apply furnished facts in a context. We also consider the distinct psychology of the individual child and approach him or her from a subjective point of view. We seek to ignite in our students a love of learning, even while instilling in them an informing ethical framework, and a sovereign sense of purpose. Our plan has this as its largest goal.

In addition to teaching formal subjects, our program establishes a working understanding in issues of environment, pollution, health, sanitation, agriculture, and public laws. The curriculum also incorporates physical exercises, yoga, music, dance, personality building, as well as seminars and lectures that develop spirituality.

Our team

Our team comprises a highly accomplished and motivated group of professionals with exceptional abilities working together to carry out SIET’s mission. They come from diverse fields like education, health care and nutrition, entrepreneurship, science and technology, finance, management, and Yoga and Indian Spirituality, thus bringing in collective wisdom and experience drawn from many sectors.

  1. Managing Trustee - Vinod Chandola -Nuclear Engineer Consultant, Ph.D Nuclear Engineering (US), MS Nuclear Engineering (US), MS Physics (US), M.Sc. Electronics (India)
  2. Board of Management: Dr. Saklani PhD (Science & Technology, Rural education)
  3. Core Advisory Group:
    Pramesh C Lakhera, PhD (Environmental nutrients, Rural education)
    Dinesh K Sharma, PhD (Conservation Biology, DNA Fingerprinting)
    Dr. Kiran Pattegar, M.B.B.S, M.D.
    Gayatri Chandola, Consulting Editor
    Sanjaya Mark, BEd Head of Middle School (School education)
    Pradeep Tiwari, MSc Biotechnology (Bioinformatics)
    Subhash Dyundi, PhD (submitted) (Genomics, Evolution)
    Devinder Kumar, MSc (Biotechnology DNA technology, Population diversity)
  4. Executive members:
    Atul Kathait, MSc (Biotechnology, Environmental resources, Entrepreneurship)
    Virendra S. Bisht, BSc, BEd (Elementary education)
    Vandana Uniyal, MSc (Child health care )
    Renu Namboori, MSc Biomedical Technology (Rural women’s health)
    Surendra Singh, MA BSc (Sociology, Rural technology)
    Manoj Negi,MSc (Physics, Rural entrepreneurship)
    Arun Thapliyal, MSc Physics perusing BEd (Energy conservation)
    Rohit Srivastava, BSc (Computers, Behavioral Sc, Rural education)
    Saurabh Dewan, BSc (Computers, Mental health, Rural education)
    Sudhir Kotnala, BSc (Computers, Plant Biotechnology)
    Pratap S Bisht, 10+2 (Rural entrepreneurship, water harvesting)
  5. Accounts - New age Consultants, Pondicherry