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We have experience and expertise in providing accounting services both in English as well as in French. Companies and accounting firms outsource their accounts transaction processing or their entire accounts bookkeeping to us. They just send in their documents in any format convenient to them (scanned images, word documents or handwritten hard copies) and we take care of the rest.

To manage your bookkeeping, we have proficiency in accounting software such as Tally, QuickBooks and Sage Accounting (Sage Coala in French), currently in use across the industry. Additionally our well trained team can quickly adapt to any other customer specified software and procedures. Outsourcing your bookkeeping to us will ensure error-free accounting, quick turnaround and cost effectiveness. For your reference, we attach here a testimonial from one of our clients.

We also undertake on-line transaction entry work on the accounting software of your choice. We thus enhance your work force at reasonable costs.

In our accounting services we adhere to GAAP standards (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).


Sage Accounting