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As technology evolves there is often a need to convert manuscripts, documents and data from older legacy systems and formats to currently used latest formats and databases.

    Prepress Services

  • Adan Pradan Trust has been providing typesetting services since long. To each project we bring industry knowledge and best practices as we have worked with a range of prestigious institutions and publishers over the years.

    We provide a wide range of typesetting services, using software such as Adobe InDesign CS2, CS3 & CS4, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

    We have expertize in large document typesetting in books and journals of the following categories: scientific, technical, medical, academic including illustrated text books and fiction. Recently we have completed a project of filling up French text based on a series done originally in English.

    Image Processing

  • Generally in the field of publishing both in print and on web, photos, picture, schematics, drawings are frequently used. Very often the original copies we receive from customers, in a variety of formats and media, are not directly usable and require improvements and corrections. The enhancements carried out by our graphic team relate to image size, color, tone, sharpness, shadows, clarity, resolution and format. After carrying out all necessary enhancements, the images are returned to formats - JPG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, PCX, PDF - as specified by customers.

    The processes used for image enhancement are:
    • High resolution scanning
    • Color correction
    • Image adjustment: masking, cropping
    • Removal of scratches and imperfections
    • Composition and enhancement
    • Visual effects
    • Optimization for print or the web
    • Creating composite high resolution PDF


adobe illustrator
Adobe Illustrator

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Adobe Indesign